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Gold Rates in Pakistan

Gold is a demand of today’s market. No matter where so ever you go you will find the massive use of gold. If you don’t believe I can show you the importance. Just continue the reading of this article. As you know gold came into existence thousand years ago. When someone find it during playing and then it proves to be the most precious metal out of all. It usually found with the rushing water. Some times in form of studded metal with rocks. When rushed with water it is found as pure but when found with some stone then impure due to mixing of other metals and salts. So I was talking about t he importance in culture.

In Africa its considered to be civilized if they embellish their courts and leaders place with gold, many workshops are there to create the arty-crafty and then these are used for the ceremonial purposes. Africa used to export the gold at different times, mostly from the Ethiopia, Sudan, and Bantu region.

28 February, 2015

24 Carat Gold Price in Pakistan Converted from International Rate

Metal 10 Grams 1 Tola
Karachi Rs. 41,142 Rs. 48,000
Lahore Rs. 41,142 Rs. 48,000
Islamabad Rs. 41,142 Rs. 48,000
Peshawar Rs. 41,142 Rs. 48,000
Rawalpindi Rs. 41,142 Rs. 48,000
Quetta Rs. 41,142 Rs. 48,000

In Asian countries gold used in diversified ways. Archaeologists have discovered pieces of gold jewelry in Buddhist Afghanistan from around the time of birth of the Christ. From around 1100 BC bronze was used as inlay in bronze items and different types of jewelry. When Chinese people moved to Korea they brought huge amount of knowledge of gold and gold made crafts with them.
Rome is a domain of style, elegance and mature sense of making up. When the culture starts to grow then Rome attracts many artistic people to generate the crafts made up of gold including pings, rings, pendants, cameo, head dresses and ear rings. Many people of today used to say that the tradition of giving rings evolve from the Rome.
Do you know that when someone comes out in the search of gold then comes in to discover the America? Yes Christopher left his home for the search of gold and this search ends at the discovery of America in 1492. Actually he was discovering the route between India and china.
The discovery of gold led many countries falling in to destructions as destruction of Incan and Aztec culture.

22 Carat Gold Price in Pakistan Local Market

Metal 22k 10 Grams 22k 1 Tola
Karachi Rs  37,714 Rs. 35,999
Lahore Rs. 37,714 Rs. 35,999
Islamabad Rs. 37,714 Rs. 35,999
Peshawar Rs. 37,714 Rs. 35,999
Rawalpindi Rs. 37,714 Rs. 35,999
Quetta Rs. 37,714 Rs. 35,999

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